La Crosse, Wisconsin

Producers scrambling for extra forage, some options in short supply

BY JANE FYKSEN, CROPS EDITOR | The drought has turned many usual cropping practices topsy-turvy. Seed companies have already sold this summer a lot of products they...

La Crosse Forage & Turf Seed, LLC and Winfield Solutions Announce Partnership

La Crosse Seed, LLC and Winfield Solutions announce partnership to benefit forage and turf seed customers in the Midwest. La Crosse, Wisconsin (August 24, 2011) La...

Prairie Grasses

At La Crosse Seed we have worked with a variety of customers over many years who have successfully seeded and established native grass species and wildflower plantings.

Cover Crops

Cover crops can be puzzling at times, Soil First® premium cover crop seed is the solution to managing soil health. We have you covered.

Turf Products

All our products give your customers more than just a green lawn. Our products give them the peace of mind that comes from using the best turfgrass seed available. From...