La Crosse, Wisconsin



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Forage First Guide

La Crosse Seed LLC is the premier provider of forage and turf seed and related products in the upper Midwestern United States. We offer an unmatched portfolio of high quality seed varieties to cover any need, and our knowledgeable and experienced sales and support staff are committed to providing exceptional customer experiences. We have expanded our offerings through the recent acquisition of the Forage First®, EarthCarpet® and Brier Ridge™ brands and have also expanded our supply infrastructure to ensure you have “the seed you need, when you need it.” Our goal at Forage First® forage seed is to provide you with a diverse selection of products for producing high-quality forage for your livestock. Walk into a field planted with Forage First® forage seed, and you’ll instantly notice lush, productive pastures. That can mean healthy gains for your animals and land that lives up to its potential. Continual research and development of new varieties ensures the right balance of protein and roughage, recovery, and grazability to suit your animals and your operation. Each top-performing variety is tested on Forage First® pastures before they are put to use in yours. Forage First® forage seed is the first step toward forage with more profit potential.


Earth Carpet Guide

All our products give your customers more than just a green lawn. Our products give them the peace of mind that comes from using the best turfgrass seed available. From full sun to full shade, we have your lawn covered. With beautiful dark green turfgrass that’s as durable as it is attractive. These products can be found on more than backyards. We’re on sports fields, golf courses, parks and roadsides all over the Midwest. Beyond products, we’ve expanded our technical support staff to provide you with better agronomic advice and faster customer service. In short, it is our goal to be customer driven by listening to your needs and providing you with solutions that make you successful. When you have a reputation for helping customers solve problems, you have local customers who return often and refer you to others. This Earth Carpet manual shows you not only how to solve customers’ turf problems, but how to position yourself as the local turf-growing expert. We recommend that you read this manual thoroughly and refer to it often. Earth Carpet offers over a dozen unique seed mixtures. This manual will show you how to match the right seed to the right customer, starting from the moment they walk through your door.


Soil First® Management Guide  

Soil First® Brand Cover Crop Seed is not only a product line, it’s a total approach to managing soil health on the farm. The team at La Crosse Seed has carefully researched and selected a family of products that are dependable to get the job done. Combined with solid advice on what to plant, and how to manage it from start to finish, you can count on the Soil First® Brand to help reach your production goals.Our team at La Crosse Seed know that selling the seed is only part of the equation. After 65 years in the seed business, it also means including not only traditional cover crops, but also new cover crop species to help you make the best decision.