La Crosse, Wisconsin

FSG 229CR Alfalfa

HQ logo web FSG 229CR alfalfa is a highly persistent, rhizomatous alfalfa specialized for utilization in dry land pastures. As the alfalfa stand matures, rhizomes develop forming new crowns which increase stand density. FSG 229CR excels in both hay and pasture type production and expresses a branch rooted trait that allows the plant better tolerance to wet soil conditions.

  • Highly persistent Creeping Rooted alfalfa
  • Excellent drought and wet soil tolerance
  • Multi purpose – great for haying or pasturing
  • Tough and widely adapted alfalfa


Fall Dormancy 2.0
Winter Survival 2.0 (Very Good)
Root Type Branch
Recovery After Cutting Fast


DISEASE / INSECT / NEMATODE RATINGS                       
Bacterial Wilt Highly Resistant
Fusarium Wilt Highly Resistant
Verticillium Wilt Highly Resistant
Anthracnose-Race 1 Highly Resistant
Phytophthora Root Rot Highly Resistant
Aphanomyces-Race 1 Resistant
Wisconsin Disease Index 29 out of 30