La Crosse, Wisconsin

FSG 420LH Alfalfa

HQ logo web FSG 420LH alfalfa exemplifies all of the most recent advances in conventional alfalfa breeding. This alfalfa came from a selection process designed to modify the fall dormancy / winterhardiness relationship resulting in an alfalfa that combines later fall dormancy with excellent winterhardiness. Having fast recovery after cutting and an excellent disease/pest resistance package, FSG 420LH has the potential to produce high yields and high quality hay under sprayed or unsprayed field conditions in areas where potato leafhoppers are an economic concern.

  • Very high resistance to Potato Leafhoppers
  • Excellent yield potential
  • Great forage quality
  • Perfect 30/30 Wisconsin DRI rating
  • A widely adapted versatile alfalfa variety


Fall Dormancy 4.0
Winter Survival 2.0 (Very Good)
Root Type Tap
Recovery After Cutting Very Fast


DISEASE / INSECT / NEMATODE RATINGS                       
Bacterial Wilt Highly Resistant
Fusarium Wilt Highly Resistant
Verticillium Wilt Highly Resistant
Anthracnose-Race 1 Highly Resistant
Phytophthora Root Rot Highly Resistant
Aphanomyces-Race 1 Highly Resistant
Wisconsin Disease Index 30 out of 30
Pea Aphid Resistant
Stem Nematode Resistant
Potato Leafhopper Highly Resistant