La Crosse, Wisconsin

Other Suggestions Outside of Seeding and Management

Plot and Stand Placement

pinch point


Plot placement it an important consideration when working to take down the double drop tine buck. Taking a look at google earth maps, understanding deer trails, pinch points on the property, travel patterns, and wind direction are all things that are worthwhile looking into. Be aware of where the deer potentially bed down, as it might not be beneficial to put a plot on top of that area. Deer require water as well, so any area that a property has a water source could be a good location to place a plot nearby, or even a stand for that matter. While in most cases, it makes sense to hunt over a food plot, it may be beneficial to strategically place a stand to hunt in other areas of the plot. For example, with wind consideration in mind, study which direction the deer come from, and where they go from there. Stand locations that will keep human scent downwind of the deer, and in between a food, water, or bedding area can be a good stand location that will get great action, and potential for a shot at the big one. In some cases it will make sense to hunt right over the plot, but the wind can change, so in a given area multiple stands can increase chances of deer harvest, as well as keep the hunter’s location and existence to a minimum.