La Crosse, Wisconsin

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La Crosse Brand Premium Mixture

A premium mixture of turf grasses designed to perform in all locations from full sun to partial shade. Perfect for all landscaping demands using improved varieties which are more heat and wear tolerant. It’s versatility has made it our most used mixture.

La Crosse Brand Premium Shade Mixture

This blend was developed for those difficult to establish light to heavily shaded areas. It contains only the best shade tolerant fescues and blue grasses, which will provide excellent shade performance with great color and disease resistance. This mixture also performs in dry soils where poor fertility may be an issue.

All Purpose Mixture

ALL PURPOSE is a more economical mixture of Bluegrasses, Fescues, and perennial ryegrasses. This durable turf grass mixture was designed to perform well in all locations from full sun to partial shade. ALL PURPOSE is an excellent choice where more expensive or higher maintenance mixtures are not required.

Quick & Thick Mixture

An excellent and economical way to provide a wear-tolerant and durable turf. Priced right to meet budget demands, while still providing a quick-establishing turf cover.

UW-L Athletic Mixture

An excellent mixture for multi-purpose sports fields and recreational areas. This elite formula of Kentucky bluegrasses and turf-type perennial ryegrasses tolerates heavy traffic and intense wear. Can establish quickly and is suitable for a diverse range of conditions.

Athletic Mixture

An excellent combination of turf-type tall fescue, bluegrasses, perennial ryegrass and fescues that will tolerate heavy traffic and intense wear. This low maintenance mixture will also establish quickly and is well suited for a diverse range of soil and growing conditions.

Low Grow/Low maintenance Mixture

This special blend was created specifically for those areas where low maintenance is a must such as steep hillsides, deep roughs on golf courses, RV parks, cabins, or planting with wildflowers.