La Crosse, Wisconsin

Silobuster (Pea/Barley)

LC 6040 Forage peas were tested for forage yield and quality in a comparison test with Trapper Peas.

LC 6040 Features are:

  • Seed Quality **LC 6040 peas have a tougher seed coat than Trapper peas.
  • Dry Matter Yield **LC 6040 peas have longer vines, larger leaf surface, giving higher yield, more milk.
  • Stand Establishment **LC 6040 peas emerge faster, especially in cooler soils. The LC 6040 seed coat contains a more effective metabolic system that imparts the ability to germinate and emerge more rapidly, when soils are wet or cool.

Combine LC 6040 features with a superior brand of Top Ton Barley, and the results will more than satisfy any dairy farmer determined to achieve higher results from the dairy or beef herd on his farm. In some comparison tests the following observations were made:

Seeding Rate:

120 lbs. / Acre overseeded with Alfalfa
150 lbs. / Acre alone