La Crosse, Wisconsin

WL Alfalfa

WL AlfalfaHQ High Quality Guaranteed The Forage Quality Leader

  • WL 343HQ is the highest quality winterhardy HQ alfalfa W-L has released to date
  • Very high-yielding (FD = 3.9) under 3- and 4-cut harvest managements
  • Superior winterhardiness (WH = 1.7); WL 343HQ delivers long stand life under the toughest conditions
  • Proven ability to hold high feed value in the field when harvest is delayed
  • Fast recovery after cutting and excellent standability provide higher yields and higher quality forage with less risk
  • Dark green, fine-stemmed, and highly palatable

Fall dormancy: 3.9

Winter Survival: 1.7 (Superior)

Recovery After Cutting: Fast

WL 363HQ Alfalfa
WL AlfalfaHQ High Quality Guaranteed

Exceptional Profit Per Acre

  • Very high yielding (FD = 4.9) under 4- and 5-cut harvest managements; the highest yielding winterhardy HQ released to date
  • Outstanding winterhardiness (WH = 1.6);WL 363HQ delivers excellent persistence under intensive cutting managements
  • A great choice for cash hay or haylage; WL 363HQ produces high yields and high RFQ numbers across a wide range of haying conditions
  • Excellent early-maturing companion to WL 343HQ and WL 353LH

Fall dormancy: 4.9

Winter Survival: 1.6 (Superior)

Recovery After Cutting: Fast

WL 353LH Alfalfa
WL AlfalfaHopper Shield A New Weapon in the Battle Against Potato Leafhopper

  • Very high-yielding (FD = 4.0) under 3-, 4-, and 5-cut harvest managements
  • Dramatic improvements in agronomic performance – with or without leafhopper pressure!
  • New 7th-Generation PLH resistance (86%) best in the industry; a true no-spray PLH-resistant alfalfa, anywhere, anytime!
  • Perfect Disease Resistance Index (DRI) of 30/30 produces big yields on your toughest soils
  • Tough and widely adapted alfalfa

WL 353LH is a new high-yielding, high-quality alfalfa that delivers the best levels of potato leafhopper (PLH) resistance available today (7th Generation). In unsprayed trials under heavy PLH pressure, WL 353LH delivered up to 15% higher yield over the best 6th Generation PLH alfalfas currently on the market.


Fall dormancy: 4.0

Winter Survival: 1.9 (Superior)

Recovery After Cutting: Fast

  • High disease resistance, good adaptation

Premium Brand is a carefully selected brand of premium proprietary alfalfas chosen specifically for adaptation in the area in which it will be grown. Premium Brand is a perfect choice for growers seeking a moderately priced variety. It has a disease index rating 28 out of 30.


  • An economic brand of alfalfas

Pro Brand is a selected brand of alfalfas specifically chosen for local adaptation and is designed for sustainable management programs. Pro Brand is a good alfalfa for the economy-minded grower.