Brier Ridge® Premium Food Plot Seed

Create the Edge with Brier Ridge® premium food plot seed. Take a few minutes to learn more about our products and also how to effectively grow and maintain your food plots for a lifetime of fun and success. Look to Brier Ridge® premium food plot seed to help you create the edge at your hunting location.

Our Brier Ridge® food plot seed products are carefully formulated to deliver results across a wide geography and to fit your unique goals. Explore below, or see a brochure of all our Brier Ridge® products.

Food Plot Mixes
Premium mixes with quality ingredients, formulated for superior performance in establishing, attracting and keeping animals on your property. Each mix is designed with a specific goal in mind.

Food Plot Seed (Straights)
Our straight species of food plot seed include turnips, sugar beets, forage soybeans, forage oats, grain sorghum and sunflower.

Bedding & Barriers
Our Annual and Perennial Habitat Hide-A-Way mixes are perfect choices to create bedding/buffer zone/barrier for a tranquil deer setting and secluded paths.

Deer & Other Large Game
Our food plot product family includes reliable, proven, winter-hardy options for whitetail deer, mule deer, elk and more. Check out Buck’s Banquet, Deer Country Field Mix, Rut N Ready and more!

Upland Game Birds & Migratory Birds
The Brier Ridge portfolio includes quality food plot seed options for upland birds (turkey, pheasant, prairie chicken, quail) and migratory birds (ducks, geese, doves).

Characteristics of each Brier Ridge® food plot seed product vary. For detailed characteristics on each product, visit product pages.

For food plot planting windows and timing by product and geography, view the Brier Ridge® brochure here.

Seeding rates and other seeding information of each Brier Ridge® food plot seed product vary. For detailed seeding information on each product, visit product pages.

Brier Ridge® recommends a 13-13-13 fertilizer type, or similar, for all Brier Ridge® products, 200-300 lbs./acre and 1-2 times/yr. Contact us for specific recommendations for your specific area or goals.

10 Steps to a Better Food Plot

  1. Soil test in late spring, early or late summer.
  2. Add fertilizer/limestone based on soil test 6 months ahead of planting.
  3. Spray a burndown herbicide and/or lightly till to ensure seed-to-soil contact is maximized.
  4. Select a premium Brier Ridge® mix.
  5. Till the soil and create a smooth, seed bed, firm enough to bounce a basketball.
  6. Plant seeds no more than 1/8-1/4 in. in depth.
  7. Repeated mowing passes at 4-6 in. (or selective herbicide applications) can help control certain weeds. Repeated mowing maintains quality and preserves nutrient levels.
  8. Identify wildlife pressure by fencing off a portion to gauge grazing activity.
  9. Monitor plots closely for what plants are being grazed and when. This will help decision making in future plantings.
  10. Rotate plots as much as possible when planting annuals. Rotations suppress plant disease. Variations in plantings keep animals interested which means greater traffic.


Need more management tips? Download our Brier Ridge Management Guide here.

Food Plot Seed Products