Erosion Control Products

La Crosse Seed carries a full line of erosion control products for your landscape, DOT or reclamation project. General product categories and a partial list of erosion control products can be found on the additional tabs on this page.

Erosion control for slopes ranging from mild to steep (≤2H:1V) with a typical application rate of 3,500-4,000 lbs./acre. Once applied and cured, forms an intimate bond with the soil surface to create a continuous, porous, absorbent and flexible erosion-resistant blanket that allows for rapid germination and accelerated plant growth.

Flexterra FGM
Erosion control for slopes ranging from mild to severe (≤0.25H:1V) with a typical application rate of 3,500-4,000 lbs./acre. Flexterra FGM rapidly sets a standard of excellence for controlling erosion and establishing vegetation on severe slopes.

TerraMulch 80/20
Great for general seeding (≤ 4:1) with a typical application rate of 1,500-2,000 lbs./acre. TerraMulch 80/20 can be used in all machines and is high quality; clean, 100% cellulose fiber mixes in water at an accelerated rate and stays in suspension for more uniform consistency. Provides control that is superior to straw for nearly the same cost — making it ideal for general seeding.

TerraMulch Blend 70/30
Erosion control and revegetation for mild slopes (≤3H:1V) with a typical application of 2,000-2,500 lbs./acre. Covers up to 20% more ground than cellulose and provides superior erosion control and more complete germination without a big jump in price.

Conwed 1000
Ideal choices for critical sites up to 2:1 slopes with a typical application of 2,000-2,500 lbs./acre. Thermally Refined Wood Fiber mulch delivers up to 50% more water-holding capacity than atmospherically refined wood mulch for superior, more cost-effective performance. TriFlo additives provide better yield, easier shooting and increased distance.

Conwed 2000
Erosion control and revegetation for moderate slopes (≤2H:1V), 100% wood fiber just like Conwed 1000 with the addition of a premium tackifier. Tackifier is a pre-blended, high-viscosity, organic polysaccharide tackifier for superior erosion control performance. All-in-one package eliminates the extra step and potential errors associated with mixing tackifiers.

CoverGrow™ is an advanced technology granular mulch made from recycled wood and cellulose fibers. Once applied to a seeded area and activated by water, the granules quickly expand and disperse to provide outstanding protection and water-holding performance right where it’s needed. Whether you’re spot treating smaller bare spots or hydroseeding larger areas, CoverGrow™ is the easy and convenient way to establish vegetation.

Tacking Agent 3
Typical application rate of 30-60 lbs./acre. Requires no cure time to be effective! University tests and field use prove it effectively reduces soil erosion and water runoff immediately after hydroseeding. Also increases the waterholding capacity of all types of hydraulic mulches.

PAM-12 Plus® can also be used as hydromulch.

Lawn Starter™ Pro

Encap Lawn Starter™ Pro is an effective seed establishment mulch that will improve your revenue because of its efficient application. It offers:

Superior Performance

  • Keeps soil, seed and fertilizer on site
  • Visible watering guide optimizes water use

Cost Effectiveness

  • Double the coverage of other granular mulches
  • No need for expensive equipment

Ease of Use

  • Convenient to store and handle
  • Flows well through spreaders

Additional Benefits

  • No messy straw to apply or clean up
  • No noxious weeds to contaminate the site
  • No staples, stakes or netting to install or remove

PAM-12® Plus

PAM-12® Plus is a superior soil stabilizer that is easy to use and cost effective. It offers:

Superior Performance

  • Proven by ASTM D 6459 standards
  • Effective across a wide spectrum of soils

Cost Effectiveness

  • Ease of use, saves time and money

Ease of Use

  • Uniformly applied right out of bag
  • Includes visible tracer

Additional Benefits

  • Improves seed germination and plant growth (ECTC Method # 4)
  • Minimizes sediment loss
  • No messy straw or introduction of noxious weed seed
  • No need for staples, stakes or netting
  • No need for expensive equipment

Erosion Control Blankets & Bio Logs

  • S31 (straw blanket):* 8’ × 112.5’ = 100 sq. yards
  • S32 (straw blanket)*:* 8’ × 112.5’ = 100 sq. yards
  • SC32 (70% straw/30% coconut)*:* 8’ × 112.5’ = 100 sq. yards
  • C32 (100% coconut)*:* 8’ × 112.5’ = 100 sq. yards
  • Futerra® Natural (wood fiber):* 6.83’ × 135’ = 102.5 sq. yards
  • Bio Sediment Logs:* 9″ × 25’
  • Straw Wattles:* 9” × 20’ & 12” × 25’

* = Double Netted Products

Rip Rap Fabric
Heavy (12 oz.): 15’ × 300’ = 500 sq. yards/roll
Medium (8 oz.): 15’ × 300’ = 500 sq. yards/roll
Light (7 oz.): 15’ × 300’ = 500 sq. yards/roll
Very Light (4 oz.): 12.5’ × 360’ = 500 sq. yards/roll; 15’ × 360’ = 600 sq. yards/roll

Curlex blankets are also available on request.

Other Landscaping Products
Dimex Pro Lip Edging: 20’ strips with stake kits
Weed Barrier: 3’ × 300’ = 100 sq. yards
Weed Barrier: 4’ × 300’ = 133.33 sq. yards
Weed Barrier: 6’ × 300’ = 200 sq. yards
Stake Kits: 4 stakes + 1 connector/pkg.
Staples: 1 box = 1,000 staples
Silt Fence: 3’ × 100’