Compass chewings fescue turf is a darker green chewings fescue with improved disease and summer stress tolerance. Compass chewings fescue turf features a slightly broader leaf than other fescues to enhance its compatibility with perennial ryegrass and Kentucky Bluegrass in cool season or overseeding mixtures.

  • Darker color
  • Summer stress tolerant
  • Ideal for unmown or environmentally sensitive areas
  • Improved disease and pest control

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Compass is tolerant of the closer mowing heights typical of fairways. It better maintains its density under stress and combined with good disease resistance, forms a tighter stand to crowd out weeds. Its compact height and attractive seed head design contribute to a wavy dunes look in unmown areas.

General Fine Fescue Characteristics
Growth Habit: Bunch, creeping and/or spreading low, slow growing
Blade: 1-2 mm., needle-like tip

Adaptations and Use
Compass is best utilized in shaded and lower fertility applications, as well as in poly specie turf grass mixes in cool season regions. It is also suggested for winter overseeding programs where natural spring transition enhancement is desired.

Seeding Rate
New Seeding:
4-5 lbs./1,000 sq. ft.

General Fine Fescue Seeding Info
Germination: 8-16 days
Seeds/lb.: 500,000-615,000, depending on species

Slow establisher like tall fescue. Ideal for shade.

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