FIXatioN Balansa Clover cover crop legume is a small seeded annual legume that is quick to germinate, offers excellent forage production, and is well-adapted to a wide range of soil types. Established stands tolerate water-logging and extreme pH soils. Due to the inherent cold tolerance of FIXatioN Balansa Clover cover crop legume, it can overwinter in climates where other annual clovers cannot.

  • Erosion and runoff reduced by impressive growth and root mass
  • Extremely drought tolerant
  • Suited for low pH environments (4.5–8)
  • Great pollinator option
  • Hollow stems provide greater palatability
  • Dense growing clover provides good weed suppression

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Non-Forage Benefits:
1 = Poor; 5 = Excellent

Compaction Alleviation: 3
Weed Suppression: 4
Biomass Production: 4
Erosion Control: 4
Disease/Pest Control: 3
Pollinator/Beneficials: 5
P & K Cycling: 3
Ease of Establishment: 4

Nitrogen Fixer/Scavenger: Fixer

Nutritional Value:
Values Vary Greatly Depending on Maturity

Crude Protein: 16
NEL¹ Mcal/lb.: TBD
ADF%²: 31
NDF%³: 45
TDN: 65
DM Tons/Acre: 1-4
Days to First Harvest: 40-50
Days to Next Harvest: –

¹- Net Energy for Lactation = Energy available after subtracting digestive and metabolic losses
²- Acid Detergent Fiber = Low values mean more digestible
³- Neutral Detergent Fiber = Low values mean cows can eat more

Ranking (Good, Better, Best):
Graze: Better
Baleage: Good
Chop: Best


Planting Time:

Seeding Rate:
Mono (lbs./acre): 3-6
Mix (lbs./acre): 1-4
Forage (lbs./acre): 3-6

Seeding Info:
Carbon/Nitrogen Ratio (C:N): 15:1-20:1
Seeding Depth (in./with drill): 1/4
Seeds/lb.: 500,000
Bulk Density (lbs./ft.³): 56
Aerial Application Rate: 3-6
Germination Soil Temp.: 40 F
USDA Hardiness Zone: 5
Days to Emergence: 14


  • Quick to germinate, however it is slower to establish than other clovers (crimson and red clover)
  • Balansa is a prolific re-seeder; termination or grazing prior to flowering will remove the risk

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