Meadow bromegrass is a long-lived perennial that is suited for dryland or irrigated pasture. Meadow bromegrass can extend the grazing season as well as increase total forage production.

  • High-yields & rapid regrowth
  • Excellent season-long forage quality
  • Suitable for hay or pasture

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Forage First

Establishment: Slow
Persistence: High
Drought Tolerance: Medium
Winter Hardiness: Medium
Palatability: High
Yield Potential: High
Grazing Tolerance: Medium

Seeding Rate:
Alone (lbs./acre): 30-40
Mixes (lbs./acre) : 5-10

Planting Time:
Mar.-May; Aug.-Sept.
Emergence (days): 14-21
Life Cycle: Perennial


Rotational Grazing:
Begin (in.): 10-12
Stop (in.): 4-6
Average Days Rest: 20-30

The Forage First Advantage:
La Crosse Seed is working with breeders of bromegrass to bring varieties to our customers with quicker establishment and vigor, as well as more rapid recovery afterharvest or grazing.

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