Mustang 4 tall fescue turf is a tough, persistent, endophyte enhanced variety that is well adapted to hot summers, lower fertility soils, higher salt conditions, shade and tough use situations. This tall fescue incorporates all the improved features expected in this latest generation variety. Mustang 4  has a pleasing dark green color, medium leaf texture and has superior summer performance and stress tolerance. It is very persistent, can be mowed down to 3/4 in. and has excellent drought resistance. Mustang 4 tall fescue turf is a “semi-dwarf” type variety with a medium growth rate.

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  • Well adapted to hot summer and lower fertility soils
  • Dark green color, medium leaf texture and superior summer performance
  • Very persistent, can be mowed down to 3-4 in.

General Tall Fescue Characteristics
Uses: (Turf-Type) Lawns, athletic fields, commercial, slopes, parks, reclamation. Ideal in sun or shade or limited water.
Growth Habit: Bunch type, tillers, some with Rhizomes
Blade: 2-5 mm., broad, spear

Adaptations and Use
Mustang 4 is recommended wherever a persistent elite quality tall fescue is recommended. It is well adapted to low fertility situations and tolerates acid soils and shady conditions very well. Mustang 4 will germinate and grow under high salt conditions, even with water salt levels approaching 10,000 ppm total salts. It is recommended for lawns, parks golf course roughs, and for sod production. Mustang 4 can be blended with other improved varieties of turf type tall fescue and also mixes will with broader leafed varieties of Kentucky bluegrass such as Bronco and Bandera.

Seeding Rate
New Seeding:
6-10 lbs./1,000 sq. ft.

Germination: 8-12 days under ideal conditions
First limited use: 4-5 weeks depending on condition

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