Brier Ridge Perennial Habitat Hide-A-Way food plot mix is a 3-way blend of native grasses that will create an 8-10 ft. tall bedding/buffer zone/barrier for a tranquil deer setting. This is a perennial alternative to Annual Habitat Hide-A-Way. Seek additional information on establishing native grasses from our Native Grasses Establishment Guidelines.

  • Spring/fall planted natives grass perennial mix offering year-round bedding/buffer source
  • Performs well on light to heavy soil types in light shade to full sun
  • Maintenance needed during slow establishment period; alternative to Annual Habitat Hide-A-Way
  • Will reach heights up to 8 feet tall
  • See Natives First Guide for establishment guidelines

Brier Ridge

Life Cycle: Perennial
Bag Size: 9 PLS lbs.

Seed Rate: 9 PLS lbs./acre

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