Racer 2 perennial ryegrass is an attractive, leafy, endophyte-enhanced ryegrass that rapidly tillers to produce a dense and compact turf in cool season as well as transition zone regions. It has demonstrated superior overall performance under various maintenance levels ranging from golf course fairways to residential lawns. Racer 2 has also demonstrated excellent traffic tolerance which makes it superior for use on sports fields, as well as parks. Its rapid recovery from stress, and high mowability have also made it superior for all applications.

  • Fast establishment
  • Excellent traffic stress tolerance
  • Greater percent living ground cover during stressful summer months
  • Rapid tillering for excellent wear tolerance
  • Excellent melting-out resistance along with good overall disease resistance

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Seeding Rates
Seeds/lb: 270,000
New Turf: 6-8 lbs/1,00 sq. ft.

Overseed Rates
3-5 lbs/1,000 sq. ft.

Germination: 7-10 days under ideal conditions
First Mowing: 14 days after emergence
First Limited Use: 21 days after emergence


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