Soil First SF 150 Field Fit cover crop mix is a straightforward and flexible seed mix for growers looking for very minimal spring management.

  • Very simple cover crop seed mix; will completely winterkill in many northern climates
  • If sequestering leftover nutrients is the goal, this is the seed mix to use

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Soil First

Non-Forage Benefits:
1 = Poor; 5 = Excellent

Compaction Alleviation: 5
Weed Suppression: 5
Biomass Production: 4
Erosion Control: 3
Disease/Pest Control: 3
Pollinator/Beneficials: 2
P & K Cycling: 3
Ease of Establishment: 5

Nitrogen Fixer/Scavenger: Scavenger

Nutritional Value:
Values Vary Greatly Depending on Maturity

Crude Protein: 13-17
DM Tons/Acre: 2-4
Days to First Harvest: 45-50
Days to Next Harvest: –

Ranking (Good, Better, Best):
Graze: Best
Baleage: Not Rated
Chop: Good

Planting Time:

Seeding Rate:
Mono (lbs./acre): 30-35
Forage (lbs./acre): 40-50

Seeding Info:
Seeding Depth (in./with drill): 1/4-1
Germination Soil Temp.: 45 F
Bulk Density (lbs./ft.³): 36
Aerial Application Rate: 30-40


Because of large percentage of oats, there is minimal lasting residue with Soil First® 150. If grazing, introduce Soil First® 150 slowly and don’t allow brassicas to ever make up more than 1/3 of livestock’s diet.


Radish will terminate with multiple nights in the teens. If radish over winter, glyphosate and 2,4-D provide effective control.

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