SR 5250 strong creeping red fescue turf is a highly adaptable variety because it thrives in both sun and shade and high or low maintenance. It has demonstrated superior performance in fairway maintenance trials and other trials with low inputs and no irrigation. The endophyte that is naturally present in SR 5250 provides protection against many insects and has been documented to improve disease resistance and stress tolerance. This creeping red fescue is a superb choice for blending with other fine fescues, bluegrasses or perennial ryegrasses.

  • Superior turf quality under all maintenance regimes
  • Excellent wear tolerance and recovery
  • Very dark green color
  • Endophyte-enhanced
  • Excellent Dollar Sport, Red Thread, Brown Patch and Summer Patch resistance
  • Ideal for: Home lawn, golf course fairways, roughs, parks and roadways

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  • Adaptable to both sun and shade
  • High recuperative ability
  • Excellent in mixes with Kentucky bluegrass and perennial ryegrass
  • Good winter and spring color
  • High performance under low maintenance

General Fine Fescue Characteristics
Growth Habit: Bunch, creeping and/or spreading low, slow growing
Blade: 1-2 mm., needle-like tip

Adaptations and Use
SR 5250 is perfectly adapted for home lawns, commercial turf and golf course
roughs whether planted alone or in blends and mixes. It performs well in sun or shade, and will tolerate a wide range of soil textures and conditions. It adds early spring green-up and winter color to many blends. It performs well in high heat and under reduced maintenance. SR 5250 is an excellent choice for landscapers who can use it in both sun and shade conditions.

Seeding Rate
New Seeding:
4-6 lbs./1,000 sq. ft.
200-250 lbs./acre
Seeds/lb.: 365,000

Germination: 7-10 days under ideal conditions
First limited use: 4-6 weeks depending on condition

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