Summer Select 79 B grain sorghum provides the producer a very early option with a great tillering capacity, which allows the plant to compensate for environmental conditions. This hybrid produces a bronze seed color, large round grain with high test weight. Panicle is slightly open; glumes are awnless and cover less than one-third of the grain. Plant 79 B grain sorghum within regions of short-season conditions as well as situations to escape drought in longer season conditions. 79 B is also known to be tolerant to sugarcane aphid compared to many other hybrids within the market.

  • Widely adapted – can go anywhere!
  • Ultra early hybrid
  • Exceptional drought tolerance
  • Better option than most in areas of sugarcane aphid pressure

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Summer Select

1 = Poor; 5 = Excellent

Grain Color: Bronze/Red
Plant Color: Purple
Standability: 5
Plant Height: 30-36 in.
Panicle Type: Semi-open
Panicle Exertion: 3
Threshability: 4

Disease and Pest Reaction

Head Smut: 3
Fusarium: 4
Downy Mildew: 3
Greenbug Resistance: None


Maturity to Mid-Bloom: 48-51
Harvested Grain Tannin: None
Pre-Flower Stress Tolerance: 4
Irrigated bu/ac: 100-120
Irrigated lbs/ac: 5000-7000


  • Short growing season or early maturing hybrid to harvest prior to assumed dry conditions
  • Better option than most in areas of sugarcane aphid pressure

Planting Time:
Emergence (days): 10

Seeding Information:

    • Soil temperature of 60 F and climbing
    • Average seeds/pound: 14,000
    • Planting depth should be 1-2 in., depending on soil moisture
    • Follow recommended seeding rates for your area:

Higher moisture areas: 4-6 lbs./acre
High plains (lower moisture): 2-3 lbs./acre

  • Do not plant in soil with pH greater than 7.5 as iron chlorosis may become an issue


  • Please test your soil!
  • Under favorable conditions, 1-1¼ lbs. of nitrogen per day of planned growth should be available for ultimate growth, with little risk for nitrate poisoning. For example, for a planned 80 day harvest, 80-100 lbs. of nitrogen should be available
  • Potassium levels should be maintained similar to that of corn
  • If soil pH is greater than 7.2, an application of Iron may be necessary to prevent iron chlorosis

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