Summer Select 94 R grain sorghum is a medium full-season hybrid that is the most versatile hybrid available. This hybrid responds to environmental variation by adjusting yield accordingly. Under limited moisture situations this hybrid is consistent in its yield, but when greater moisture amounts are available yield levels increase significantly. 94 R has excellent resistance to head smut, and the tillering capacity is good as this hybrid will produce 2-3 tillers that are synchronous with the main panicle at flowering/maturity.

  • Widely adapted hybrid that yields
  • Medium maturity
  • Excellent sugarcane aphid tolerance & disease resistance
  • Great option for double crop in most areas, or as a late planted dryland or irrigated hybrid

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Summer Select

1 = Poor; 5 = Excellent

Standability: 5
Head Exertion: 5
Sugarcane Aphid Tolerance: 5
Pre-Flower Stress Tolerance: 5
Anthracnose Tolerance: 3
Head Smut Tolerance: 5
Fusarium Tolerance: 4
Maize Dwarf Mosaic Tolerance: 5
Downy Mildew Tolerance: 5

Panicle Type: Semi-Closed
Grain Color: Red

Planting Time:
Emergence (days): 10

Seeding Information:
Mid-Bloom (days): 64-67
Grain Maturity (days): 105-110
Seeds/lb.: 15-16,000
Soil Temperature: 60 F
Depth (in.): 1-2
Dryland Seeding (pop./acre): 25-30,000
Irrigation/Hi-Rain Seeding (pop./acre): 70-80,000

Do not plant in soil with pH greater than 7.5 as iron chlorosis can be a problem


Nitrogen: Rule of thumb: 1 to 1 lbs. N per bushel of grain; highest use efficiency is obtained with split applications (portion of N preplant & again 25 days after emergence)
Phosphorus & Potassium: Soil testing is critical to ensure proper amounts are available in the soil. To not limit yield, approx. 80 lbs./acre of phosphate should be available. The amount of potassium taken up by grain sorghum is similar to N utilization.
pH: Below 5.6, pH can be limiting (so keep levels above 6.0)

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