Summer Select Reprieve XL teff grass is a warm-season, annual grass featuring rapid seed germination and seedling development. Reprieve® also is well adapted to dry climates making it perfect as a supplemental forage during periods when other forage supplies are diminished.

  • Superior quality – ideal for horses & other livestock
  • Quick growth with excellent tonnage potential
  • Well adapted to dry climates
  • No prussic acid concerns


  • Perfect option to bridge the “summer slump” – either in hay or pasture fields
  • Great rotational crop between alfalfa, small grains and perennial stands
  • Emergency hay or pasture option
  • Green manure crop

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Summer SelectXLCrosseCoat

1 = Poor; 5 = Excellent

BMR (Brown Mid-Rib): N/A
Traits: N/A
Maturity: *
Seedling Vigor: 4
Recovery After Cutting: 4
Leaf Disease Resistance: 3
Sugarcane Aphid Tolerance: 5
Double Crop: 5
Single Silage Cut: NA
Rapid Dry Down: 4

Maximum teff production occurs at altitudes of 5900-6900 ft., growing
season rainfall of 18-21 in., and a temperature range of 50-80 F. Teff is day length sensitive and flowers best with 12 hrs. of daylight.

Planting Time:
Emergence (days): 3-5


    • Teff does not tolerate frost so planting should be delayed until risk has past
    • Teff emerges quickly in warm soils and is a fast growing crop
    • Plant less than 1/4 in. deep in a very firm seedbed
    • Can be drilled or broadcast
    • Seeding Rate: 6-8 lbs./acre
    • Grows in a wide variety of climates and soil types
    • Interest in teff as a health food is growing due to its low gluten content and high mineral content
    • Teff seed can shatter if harvest is delayed
    • Teff is relatively free of plant diseases when compared to other cereal crops
    • It is suitable and is used for double and relay cropping

Teff yield in the United States ranges from 2 ton in dryland areas to over 6 ton in irrigated or higher rainfall areas.

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