Titanium LS tall fescue turf was developed through natural mechanisms including increased tillering or rhizome formation, exhibit greater potential for tighter density, particularly under stress, and self recuperation from traffic, wear or injury.

  • Ideal for golf course roughs and sports turf, sod production, and demanding residential and commercial locations.

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  • Lateral Spread Technology™ (LS)
  • Shade tolerance
  • Endures lower fertility
  • Excellent sod strength

General Tall Fescue Characteristics
Uses: Shaded lawns, ground cover
Growth Habit: Bunch, creeping and/or spreading low, slow growing
Blade: 1-2 mm., needle-like tip

Seeding Rate
New Seeding:
6-9 lbs./1,000 sq. ft.
275-400 lbs./acre

First limited use: 3 weeks depending on condition

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